Weight Training

I believe in hitting each muscle hard at least once a week but no more than twice a week. Some people can see great results working each muscle twice a week, but this depends on intensity, duration, genetics, nutrition, sleep, etc. I tried both and got good results with both; however, I receive better results by simply hammering each muscle closer to only 1 day per week. Most people agree change and variation are key. It seems though, that most of us are resistant to change and get caught up in enjoying the same old routine; but it’s in our best interest to switch up our training splits, # of reps, # of sets, amount of volume, and type of exercises at least every 8 weeks or so. Doing this also allows us to understand our bodies, which will give us the opportunity to see which type of routine benefits us the most. That way, we can then do the most beneficial routine a little more often. In my opinion, the 1st couple of weeks are always a little rough when getting used to a new routine, but, after that, I’m always glad I changed it up (giving some muscle fibers a break and making other ones work more). Although there are other methods and other types of splits, I like to keep it simple.

All of these principals also apply to females. It seems there is a big misconception that if girls lift like men, they’ll get big and bulky. This is definitely not the case. In a nutshell, guys produce large amounts of muscle building hormones, such as testosterone, as opposed to females who produce very little. The women who have bulging muscles are taking stuff not sold in stores. So females, lift heavy and intense (with a decent diet) to achieve great results and your feminine figure will remain.

A couple examples of some of my training splits:

5 days a week of weight training is plenty.

(I usually weight train 1.5 hours, 2 days on, 1 day off)

Day 1: Chest, Biceps
Day 2: Legs
Day 3: Shoulders, Triceps
Day 4: Back, traps
Day 1: Chest, Lats
Day 2: Legs
Day 3: Shoulders, Triceps
Day 4: Rows, Biceps (every 3rd Row day I do not do dead lifts, the next day I add in an extra leg day, so I hit legs twice every 3rd week)

Also: when I separate my back days (lats one day and rows another), I tend to see exceptional results in my back.

Day 1: Chest, Shoulders
Day 2: Back, hamstrings
Day 3: Biceps, triceps
Day 4: Quads, calves

Training Tidbits

• The examples above are appropriate for anyone that can workout at least 1 hour a day and anywhere from 4-6 days per week. Any less than 4 days per week and you would then have to adjust into a 3- day split. More than likely the best option would be to add an extra muscle group to some days, and therefore the 4th day can be eliminated.  Of course, there are several other options (which I'm not really a big fan of): full body workouts, circuit training, etc..

• I usually average between 10-14 total working sets per muscle, 3-5 sets per exercise.

• My rep range is usually in the area of 6-14 reps, I usually start higher and try to add weight each set, therefore lowering my reps each set.

• My last 2 sets are always past failure. I can't emphasize enough how important intensity is. It doesn't matter whether you're cutting or bulking, the same high intensity should always be used.

• You've got to really push yourself; this is where having a spotter is important. No spotter? When I don't have a spotter, I'll do 1 armed exercises and spot myself with my free hand. Example: instead of EZ curl bar preacher curls, do 1 arm dumbbell preacher curls to spot yourself with your free hand. The same thing may be done with 1 arm pushdowns, over head dumbbell extensions, and a ton of other exercises. Also, when I don't have a spotter, I tend to incorporate more drop sets. This allows me to keep the same intensity as when I do have a spotter for forced reps.

• I usually throw in a drop set or 2 for each muscle (regardless of having a spot).

• Every once in a while I'll change to a super set (volume) routine (opposing muscles or even super setting the same muscle; I'll also switch it up and do tri-sets). These are great ways to really shock your muscles.

• Leg day, I go slightly above my 14 working set max.

• I throw in abs twice a week at the end of my workouts; I look at the clock and do as much as I can in 10 minutes. (I never train my abs more than 3 times a week).

• Out of all the equipment in the gym I believe dumbbells are the most effective and I use them often for all muscles.

• When designing your routine, the goal is to hit all areas of the targeted muscle (all muscle fibers). Example: don't just do a ton of exercises for the middle of your chest; incorporate exercises for top, bottom, inner & outer as well.

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