About Me


ü DOB: 11/06/77
ü Height: 6’3”
ü Off season bodyweight: 260 lbs
ü Competition bodyweight: 230 lbs
ü Occupation: Fire Fighter
ü Weakest muscle: Probably Legs
ü Strongest muscle: Heart


ü ACE Certified Personal Trainer, 2009-present
ü IFPA Professional Bodybuilder, 2008-present
ü NPA Professional Bodybuilder, 2007-present
ü Natural Physique Association- Bodybuilding, Fitness, and Figure- Certified Judge (10 hour course w/ exam), 4/08-present
ü Howard County Fire and Rescue Training Academy Cooksville, Md, 7/2001-12/2001
- From 0700-1700 5 days per week. (Paramilitary boot camp type atmosphere)
- Obtained an over abundance of certifications of Fire/Rescue/EMS
ü 10/29/1998- 10/31-1998 “Exercise Etc.”
- Personal Trainer Prep. Course
ü 11/07/1998-2001 ACE certified Personal Trainer
ü Fall 1996- Spring 1998 Anne Arundel Community College
- Focused on Physical Fitness and Health through general education courses.
ü Fall 1997 Certified in Fitness and Wellness

I was born and raised in Linthicum, Maryland, just outside of Baltimore. Throughout most of my childhood I played my fair share of sports; mainly baseball and soccer for organized leagues. Prior to high school I was an above average athlete and couldn’t wait for each season to begin. By the time my freshman year of high school rolled around, things changed. It seemed the talent jumped up a few notches; making me just an average player, and I quickly learned the feeling of spending time on “the bench”. Needless to say it made me push harder and harder, but the reality was I wasn’t going anywhere on my athletic talent and my 165 lb frame wasn’t helping matters. My senior year I decided to hang up High School sports.

After just a few weeks of no longer being involved in after school athletics, I began to feel lazy and watching t.v. wasn’t making it better. I then decided the answer was pumping some iron. I went to Kmart, bought myself a cheap weight bench with an adjustable dumbbell/ barbell set. Everyday thereafter; 1 hour- 7 days a week I was in my basement killing it. I got a little advice from one of my old gym teachers, and relied on literature for the rest (man I wish there was internet back then). I still didn’t know much about lifting weights. I just knew I was 165 lbs soaking wet, and wanted big arms and chest. So, one day I hit arms and the next I hit chest, I did this 7 days a week for 1 hour. A year and a half later I was nearly 180 lbs., I saw the change in my chest and arms, so I started gradually, over the next few months incorporating more and more muscles.

Once the 2 year mark hit, I was just above 180lbs and some friends persuaded me to cough up money for a gym membership. This is where I quickly realized I knew practically nothing about weight lifting and even worst I was still scrawny. Throughout the next several years I became even more determined to add size to my scrawny physique therefore expanding my knowledge and dedication. I slowly gained (averaged) about 3 pounds of muscle a year for the next 7 years or so. I later bought a home about 25 miles north of where I was raised ( the cost of real estate in my current hometown was too pricey).

Since my friends and family were 25 miles away, it seemed I had extra time….extra time to step things up even more, I decided to compete in a bodybuilding competition. In 2005 I entered my first bodybuilding show; I won my Heavy Weight class and was immediately hooked. Every few months after that I found myself on the bodybuilding stage. A couple years later I won my pro card (for the Natural Physique Association). About 1 year later I decided to cash it in, and took 4th place in my first Pro Show. Although I was thrilled with my placing, I knew I had to make more gains to be a good competitive pro. I decided I will never compete more than once a year. This way I can make the necessary improvements on my physique (8 months to gain muscle, 4 months cutting).

This is still my current philosophy; of course to make even better gains I could take off more than 1 year of competition, but what fun is that?! My 1st 10 years of lifting without competing enabled me to make decent gains, because of this- size isn’t much of an issue with my physique. Now I am competing at the National level but my conditioning needs to be stepped up. On 11/15/08 I competed in the IFPA Yorton Cup. This is a high caliber show with some of the best natural bodybuilders in the world. I had a blast, and it was a privilege to share the stage with these athletes. My placement was 18th out of 21 (yikes). I knew what I was getting myself into prior to show day and was happy with my placement. When I “bite off more than I can chew”, it motivates me to push harder.

Everyone in life pursues a goal; for me this goal is challenging the limits of the human body. How far can one go until they max out their genetic potential? How much bigger, leaner, stronger, and faster can one get? Every day of my life I move just a little bit closer towards this life long goal and if it wasn’t the most challenging task in the world I probably wouldn’t bother.